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Why working with the Sico-Lure brand?

More and more fishermen are concerned about the quality of the products used and are therefore turning to French brands. Respect for the fish and the environment is trending. This is the reason why the Sico-Lure brand is listening to the needs of the market to meet customers' expectations everyday. 

Thus, we offer you :

- New and worked products: All our products have been designed to improve the efficiency of fishermen during their trips. Our selection of products is the result of a long process of research and development. Indeed, the designing period lasted more than 1 year before carrying out tests which needed between 6 to 12 months in order to guarantee fishermen the best products and the best quality. Sico-Lure is a brand offering new technical products to meet the needs of lure fishermen.

- A French brand: All our designs come to life in Charente (Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France) thanks to a team of passionate fishermen engaged in lure fishing. Our packaging is written in French for more clarity and transparency for fishermen.

- Attractive packaging: Our packaging has been thought out with professional traders (Natura-PĂȘche17 and PĂȘche et Loisir 16 stores) to meet your needs as a seller: How to make a product attractive on the shelf? How to make shelving easier to gain space and efficiency?

- A new brand for new customers: Who has never wanted to attract and satisfy new customers? We have thought about innovative products meeting the best the needs of our friends, fishermen. Thanks to the feedback of fishermen on the spot, we have designed a new brand with different lures, guarantee of quality for successful fishing trips. Thanks to our products, attract new customers or retain your actual portfolio.

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For more information, feel free to get in touch with our sales team : +33 6 20 68 78 54.

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