Pike and Zander lures

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Optimize your fishing for pike and zander with our lures. Quality lures for exceptional catches!



Pike Swimbait You were looking forward to it, since the end of 2020 we are working on a hard...

Angry pike 190

Here is a soft shad decoy imitating a pike! Perfect for fishing the big pike. Super...
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Crankbait 50 F

Discover a new 2022! Our hand-made crankbaits of 65 mm for 6 grams. This crankbait is perfect...
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LS Chabot 90

Here is a soft shad decoy imitating a sculpin!  Super realistic colors.  The gum of...
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Azur 125 HW

The azur 125 HW is a novelty that makes its entrance among hand-made lures. It weighs 20 gr...
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