Perch and Black Bass Lures

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Discover our lures specially designed for black bass and perch fishing. Maximize your catches with our quality lures.


Sico crank

Discover our first decoy intended for perch and other predators. It swims about 1m20 under the...


New in 2022: A rotating spoon made by hand, with a fixed axis to catch trout and small...

Crankbait 35 F

Discover a new 2022! Our handmade crankbaits of 40 mm for 3 grams. This crankbait is perfect for...
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Crankbait 50 F

Discover a new 2022! Our hand-made crankbaits of 65 mm for 6 grams. This crankbait is perfect...
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Insect lure Osa

A decoy imitation insect for the fishing of the chevesne or perch, a very fun fishing on the...
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LS Chabot 90

Here is a soft shad decoy imitating a sculpin!  Super realistic colors.  The gum of...
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