Saint Thomas Aquinas once said: “It is more beautiful to transmit to others what one has contemplated than to contemplate only.”

My grandfather could have kept his passion to himself, but he decided otherwise. From the age of 4, I learned a lot from him. This admirable man, named Jacques Sicaud, taught me the passion for fishing and taught me fishing techniques with love and sincerity. We can speak of a real Legacy.

It is thanks to him that I became passionate about fishing and that in 2017 I created a brand that bears his name “SICO”.

As I like to say “this brand will keep track of him”. It was essential for me to pay tribute to this wonderful man who taught me trout fishing with lures. I remember our complicit moments, when I was a child, when he taught me to spoon fish Mepps N°1 Aglia silver, his favorite lure.

Growing up, I became interested in fishing myself. His passion which has also become mine. I thus discovered other lures (crankbaits, soft lures…) and I thought about the design of atypical, rare, handmade lures of remarkable beauty. Entrepreneur at heart, I wanted to share these wonders with other passionate people through an e-commerce site. This is how lures designed entirely by the brand were born, handmade lures, made of wood (balsa).

It is more beautiful to transmit to others what one has contemplated than to contemplate only.

Saint Thomas d’Aquin


Thanks to passionate Internet users, the Sico Lure site quickly turned around. Orders came one after the other, unfortunately resulting in a few stock-outs for fishermen. Sico-Lure fishing and lure enthusiasts have grown. More and more enthusiasts followed the brand on social networks.

and now ?

Two years after the launch of the brand, I now walk hand in hand with other passionate anglers. Together, we create our own products that we test before offering them for sale. Thus, the Sico-Lure range is expanded and offers quality products for fishermen: fishing rods, soft lures, crankbaits, accessories (landing nets, wire cutters, etc.) and also clothing. Enough to delight enthusiasts, like us!

And after that ? Well, we want to win over resellers, a new market, a new challenge! Our sales policy is changing. We want to work with fishing shops, professionals who know their customers and who can advise them perfectly. Through our resellers (link on the larp “our resellers” with link to reseller map), discover the Sico-Lure products closest to you. Quality fishing is now within your reach.