Glossary of the Perfect Lure Angler

Your Trout Lure Specialist, SICO-LURE, Helps You with the Perfect Angler's Glossary!


Agrafe: An accessory that facilitates changing lures to avoid redoing the connecting knot.

Ardillon: A metal accessory to prevent the fish from unhooking once caught, in case of slack in the line.


Balsa: Very soft and lightweight wood from Central America.

Bottom: Action of tapping on the bottom or obstacles.


Carnivorous: Predatory fish that feed on fry (e.g., pike, zander, perch).

Cuillère or Cuiller: Metal lure imitating a rotating or undulating fish for fishing carnivorous species.


Droper: Technique of lifting a fish out of the water using the movement of the rod as a lever.

Drop Shot: Fishing technique used for soft lures, where the weight rests on the bottom, and the lure is suspended from the mainline a few tens of centimeters above it.


Épuisette: Accessory with a deep net and a handle used to safely land the fish without injuring it.


Forage or Baitfish: Small fish serving as food for carnivorous fish.


Hameçon: Metal hook used to catch a fish.


Jumping: Action of making the lure jump.


Leurre: Artificial bait used for casting.

Leurre coulant: Lure capable of sinking to an indefinite depth.

Leurre souple or Softbait: Easily maneuverable lure that closely imitates a fish's natural swimming motion.

Leurriste: Angler who uses lures.


Salmonids: Family of fish living in flowing waters, such as salmon, trout, char, and whitefish.

Shad: Soft lure in the shape of a fish.

Slow sinking: Action of sinking slowly.

Streamer: Lure made with feathers and fur, imitating a small fish.


Tête plombée: Influences the lure's swimming motion and enhances its realism.

Tungsten: Very heavy and robust material, available in wire or plate form.

Twitch: Action of making short and frequent pulls to animate a lure.


Wobbling: Action of swimming of a crankbait that gives the impression that the lure wobbles.