Our values

Sico-lure is dedicated to one activity, trout fishing, and above all, it is driven by passion. This passion brings practitioners a sense of well-being, tranquility, and discovery. Distributing lures involves getting to know the expectations of fishermen, listening to them, and anticipating their desires...

Without this passion, the Sico-lure adventure would not have been possible.

Sharing is also one of our foundational values. We aim to introduce passionate anglers to lesser-known and marvelous lures. At Sico-lure, sharing is vital. The constant desire to discover a new, unknown, and effective lure leads us to explore new paths, allowing us to distribute truly different and surprising products. It helps us stay ahead of the game.

Autonomy, challenge, adventure, and entrepreneurial spirit have always been nurtured and elevated within this young team. Today, they serve as the driving force for a recently-formed team built on trust.

Another value that has guided us since the creation of Sico-lure is open-mindedness. Listening to enthusiasts and understanding their ways of operating, being open to others and embracing diversity, are essential requirements for meeting the expectations of fishermen. This demand for openness is also reflected in our choice of products.

These values are inseparable from a fifth one, the pursuit of Excellence. It is a value that permeates all our leisure activities, passions, and sports, in all countries, and is embodied by a way of being and a constant quest for perfection. We all share this determination to go beyond our limits to offer the best to our customers.

Lastly, whether it is about sharing or venturing, Sico-lure has always done so with Responsibility.

We thank all the people who have supported us, as well as our collaborators!

! Sico-lure, more than a passion, a lure!