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New 2024! Available from 19,95 € (Recommended Retail Price) in your point of sale DISCOVER...


New in 2022: A rotating spoon made by hand, with a fixed axis to catch trout and small...

Emeraude 57 S

Here’s a new 2021 handmade lures for trout. The 57 mm emerald swimmer fish flowing. The color...
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LS Chabot 90

Here is a soft shad decoy imitating a sculpin!  Super realistic colors.  The gum of...
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Sico crank

Discover our first decoy intended for perch and other predators. It swims about 1m20 under the...

Prestige 222L

New fishing rod 2022!  Rod for fishing trout with lures and small predators/ 2.22 meters/...

Handmade lure 50 S

A wonderful handmade lure for fishing the truth. This 50 mm hardbait weighing approximately 4.5...
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Imago Scarab

Handmade imitation of a beetle The swimming depth is between 0 and 50 cm. This decoy...
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Ronin 50 S

Swimmer fish for trout fishing! This lure made in Europe is 50 mm for 4 grams,  It is a...
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